ECHO is the embodiment of the hidden world within a damaged mind.

A cinematic essay visualizing the invisible processes of trauma - told solely by natural elements, set against the snowy backdrops of Hokkaido, North Japan. 


ECHO   depicts a mysterious frozen world, consisting of empty landscapes, lonely trees, mythological creatures and an abandoned home. A world which, at first glance, seems similar to the one we all share together - yet feels uncanny. There is never a human in sight. However, you can’t shake the feeling that there is some sort of presence around. It is nature who dominates this world, and she rules mercilessly. 

Based on personal experiences and told in a poetic way, ECHO bridges the gap between the inner- and outside world. We experience survival mechanisms such as dissociation, anxiety attacks, hypervigilance, sensations as feeling haunted, losing control and endlessness. In its purest essence - anxiety. Despite the fact that trauma is the core of the project, ECHO also correlates with experiencing a burn-out. 


A lot of these sensations are being translated by referring to Japanese mythology. These mythological creatures, also known as ‘yokai’, are native to the world of ECHO. Their stories are once again translated to animals and natural phenomenon, which is why the film is a closer resemblance to an environmental film rather than a mythological tale. However, the story of every yokai is crucial for the narrative.


Short documentary, 5 - 10 minutes

Director & cinematography - Lieke Bezemer (NL)

Production - Elyse de Waard (NL)

Production assistant - Ryan Whitfield (NZ)


Cinematography - Nick Tucker (USA)

Editing - Erik van der Bijl (NL)

Sound design - Tyas van den Bergh (NL)

Grading - Elf Godefroy (NL)

Translation - Tiger Shigetake (JPN)


Pre-production: September 2019 - Februari 2020


Production: March 2020 (on location in Hokkaido)

Post-production: May 2020 - June 2020 


Lieke  / / +31 6 25406751

Elyse  / / +31 6 12943211


© 2020

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